At at the Cemetery Srebrniče by Dušan Ogrin and Davorin Gazvoda the 2009 ILA field trip to former Yugoslavia. Iris Meder passed away November 5th after half a year of severe illness at the age of only 53. The Institute of Landscape Architecture is deeply moved by her death and is greatly thankful to her for contributing essentially to landscape architecture’s historical record. She was a scholar in professional history at the ILA from 2009 to 2014.

Together with Ulrike Krippner she elaborated a database for professional biografies which form a basis for the LArchiv- Archive of Austrian Landscape Architecture which was fully established in 2018. Iris was an accurate and precise scholar deeply knowledgeable in architectural modern history and succesfully engaged in the protection of heritage buildings which had not been acknowledged before. She collaborated in many different research teams and published numerous articles, books and reviews, Iris was engaged in associations and cultural intiatives and also curated a number of international exhibitions.

Her death is a great loss for academia and even more so for the colleagues and friends who had the pleasure to work with her.

An evening to commemorate Iris will be organised by colleagues and friends of the Austrian Association for Architecture ÖGFA on December 7th (ww.oegfa.at).



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